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TerrAqua UAV

Welcome to our company! Where we specialize in providing drone-based scientific solutions. Our cutting-edge drone technology and expertise in remote sensing techniques allow us to tackle real-world problems with innovative and tailored solutions.


An IIT Kanpur

Incubated Company

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Why TerrAqua UAV ?

Image by Asael Peña


reconnaissance survey

We start with understanding your requirements and defining your objectives. We ensure cost effective, timely solutions through careful planning and satellite reconnaissance in early phase.

Our solutions and technology developments

in following domains

Image by Adel Mousavian

Flood Management

Image by Samuel Jerónimo

Forest Fire Management

Image by Cédric Dhaenens

Terrain Mapping

Green Lake

Water Body Management

Image by Dominik Martin

Agriculture Management

Image by Jarrett Mills

Earthquake Hazard

Urban Planning

Urban Planning

Image by Troy Mortier

Infrastruct. Management

Image by Angie Warren

Solar panel Monitoring

Proudly worked with

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